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Why us?

      Well, we know what we are doing. Our promise to you is that we will never overcrowd our servers and we will do everything in our powers to keep or increase anonymity. However, just like you and everybody else, we have to respect the laws. We hope unpleasant events will not occur, but if they do, our system is designed in a way that each server is separated from one another and also from the web site hosting, thus keeping the events isolated. For that matter we do not offer instant activation on our accounts(don't worry, activation is still fast).

      We offer a single plan which is optimized for best performance and can be used on the more frequently used operating systems: Windows, Macintosh OS X, Linux and BSD.

      Our security is top notch. Our service uses Blowfish cipher encrypted at 128 bit. For those that might think that 128 bit is not enough, you should know that in order to brake a 128 bit encryption with a normal PC you would need hundreds of years. The reason why we chose 128 bit is because its secure enough and at the same time it won't kill your CPU.